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Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team

Please note the phone message you hear if you call after 5 pm on weekdays will be different; simply listen and follow the prompts to speak to our receptionist, talk to a nurse or have your child seen. Most insurance companies recognize and reimburse for this added service, but we recommend that you check with your insurance carrier. Please call in as soon as possible after am if you have questions or want your child seen.

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There are times when it is helpful to meet with parents who are expecting, or parents with or without their child who would like time for more extensive discussions about health concerns. Freedom is becoming a motivational factor much more valuable than money. The notion that it's mandatory for employees to be physically present at work or in the office even if they have nothing to do is such old school management.

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Leaders will need to quickly transform existing facilities and policies to give employees more choice and more freedom. If they don't see it now, there's a significant disruption coming in the way in which we work.

How hard is it to find companies that do offer flexible work schedules so employees can have more control over their lives and work? Well, as of right now, there are no exact statistics, but there are certain types of companies that will have to adjust quicker than others.

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For example, many of the Fortune companies have a life span that has drastically declined due to its lack flexibility in their work schedule. As a matter of fact, only 12 of the original Fortune companies remain.

This Agency’s Office Literally Disappears After Hours So You Can’t Work Late – Adweek

What this goes to show is that if they want to prolong their lifespan and influx of employees, they will have to embrace the concept of remote work. Freelancers are becoming more and more useful as the marketplace starts to explode.

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More companies are seeking them out, yet there still seems to be too much fixation on "in-person" corporate work. Companies and managers that succeed are the ones that can take special considerations of the individuals they wish to hire.

People seem to have the most energy, creativity, and productivity when they're given flexible hours that allow work a more realistic work-life balance. Do companies want to know why employees are leaving to work to start their own business or freelance?

Margaret Renew Dr. Susan Goldberg Dr. Deepa Jagdale.

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The number is typically located on your back of your insurance card, however we have put together a quick refence from the insurance companies we participate with for your convenience. Shannon Myers Executive Center Dr. Middlebrooks Office Dr.