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La Fable mystique a paru en Le livre comme l'auteur sont devenus des classiques. Quels en sont les effets? L'analyse magistrale qu'en donne le grand historien britannique Edward P. Cependant, cette rupture sera nettement moins forte et beaucoup plus tardive dans le monde colonial et en URSS. On dicte un texte ou un discours, non un affect. C'est une question majeure de la psychanalyse. En savoir plus. Mais ce fut Henri IV qui remporta la victoire militaire et politique, au prix, il est vrai, de sa conversion au catholicisme. Cet essai en propose une analyse philologique et anthropologique, prenant comme objet l'un des points de convergence essentiels entre ces deux disciplines : le rythme.

Un ouvrage essentiel pour comprendre la France contemporaine et envisager les moyens de son redressement. Elles ont donc un sens. Slaves, convicts, indentured immigrants, and unfree seamen have traveled the world's oceans at many times and places throughout human history. Across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, this bondage took divergent forms and exhibited a range of historical dynamics.

In spite of this variety, the conventional Atlantic World historical paradigm has largely shaped our understanding of modernity as being defined by exploration and discovery, European dominance, global capitalism, and the transition from slavery to free labor. Not only does this perspective evince a Eurocentric emphasis on the 'uniqueness' of the West, but it is increasingly contested even for the Atlantic itself.

This provocative study contrasts the romantic conflation of freedom and the sea with the complex labor relationships of seamen, slaves, and immigrants in the Indian Ocean during the long nineteenth century. In the process, it advances a new framework for understanding labor, bondage, and modernization. Perceiving the city between descripions and omissions.

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The concepts of economic backwardness, Asiatic despotism and orientalism have strongly influenced perceptions of modernization, democracy and economic growth over the last three centuries. This book provides an original view of Russian and Asian history that views both in a global perspective.

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Via this analysis, Alessandro Stanziani opens new dimensions in the study of state formation, the global slave trade, warfare and European and Asian growth. After Oriental Despotism questions conventional oppositions between Europe and Asia. By revisiting the history of Eurasia in this context, the book offers a serious challenge to existing ideas about the aims and goals of economic growth.

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Introduction: The Scope and Aims 1. The Historical Dimension of Economic Backwardness 2. Slavery and Trade in Central Asia and Russia 5. Beyond Economic Backwardness.

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Mais que sait-on des comportements de la population polonaise? La paix revenue, que sont devenus les derniers survivants? This volume presents a long-term history of the tools for regulating the rhythms and the seasonal patterns of the agricultural production. The contributing authors adopt different approaches and investigate cases from England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Mexico. The focus on the stocks and flows of grains and other foodstuffs raises new questions combining economic, social, political, and environmental issues in the study of agricultural markets and food policies.

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This book presents ten case-studies by eminent scholars dealing with food supply, storage and markets from c. Together they present a long-term history of the tools to regulate the rhythms and seasonal patterns of the food production and distribution process. How were the vast flows of staple food needed for metropolitan areas organised? What practical difficulties had to be overcome to preserve this food safely? Did people respond to price patterns in search for profit? Were governments successful in imposing regulation?

In dealing with these issues, the contributing authors adopt different approaches and investigate cases from England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Mexico. Landlords as rational investors? Grain storage on noble manors in the Rhineland area, Friederike Scholten. Prices and seasons in late seventeenth-century England Richard W. Urban development and local food production. Ability and inability of feeding growing cities by urban agriculture in nineteenth-century industrialising Belgium Pieter De Graef.

Between fearing shortage and stockpiling fresh fish: did the Venetian Republic have an environmental policy in the eighteenth century? Storage and financing of the French wheat market in the inter-war period Alain Chatriot. Ars dictaminis. Quelles furent les relations entre l' ars dictaminis et la naissance de l'humanisme? Vor diesem Hintergrund wird jetzt erstmals eine auf breiter Quellenkenntnis basierende Entwicklungsgeschichte der mittelalterlichen ars dictaminis vorgelegt. The burgeoning literature on immigrant transnationalism is one of the academic success stories of our times.

Yet having reminded scholars that migrants, in leaving home for a new life abroad, inevitably tie place of origin and destination together, scholars of transnationalism have also insisted that today's cross-border connections are unprecedented. This collection of articles by sociologically minded historians and historically minded sociologists takes aim at that contention.

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Looking back over the past century and more, the book highlights both the long-term persistence and the continuing instability of home country connections. Encompassing societies of origin and destination from around the world, A Century of Transnationalism shows that while population movements across states recurrently produce homeland ties, those connections have varied across contexts and from one historical period to another, changing in unpredictable ways.

Any number of factors shape the linkages between home and destination, including conditions in the society of immigration, policies of the state of emigration, and geopolitics worldwide. Internationally oriented and advancing arguments likely to stir scholarly controversy, A Century of Transnationalism offers scholars and students alike leading-edge works that illustrate--and complicate--the important questions driving today's study of migration. Green, Madeline Y. An indispensable guide to understanding the dynamics involved in transnational ties that will be a highly valued resource for students and scholars alike.

Moya, author of Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants in Buenos Aires, — "Immigrant men and women shape and maintain transnational, often locally embedded linkages, and statesmen utilize or frame such connectivity. Both sides engage each other to achieve familial and statewide goals, economic, political, and emotional ones.

The racist slur of comparing humans with apes and monkeys is part of everyday racism until today and affronts athletes as well as politicians, like the President of the United States or the Ministers for Integration in Italy and of Justice in France. Charles W.


Mills Northwestern University determines the place of simianization within racism. Wulf D. Susan C. Townsend University of Nottingham investigates the simianization of the Japanese and Steve Garner Open University examines the simianization of the Irish. McMahon Portland State University discuss the persisting intersections of prejudice and dehumanization. Sabine Schellberg, Benoit Sittler et W.

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Lire la suite de l'article. Lire la suite. Ce livre, qui constitue le tome IV de la Raison scolastique , tente d'historiciser la notion de jugement moral. Le patronage, en effet, est susceptible d'usages multiples. Les fratries ont-elles une histoire?

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Do brotherhood and sisterhood have a history? They have long been forgotten by historiography but now are benefitting from a growing interest from historians. This collective work, with thirty contributions from historians from different countries, testifies to this new interest. Although badly known, brothers and sisters occupy a central place in family relations.

By emphasizing the long term and a large geographical area, from North America to Europe, the editors of this volume wish to seize their history by confronting different systems of kinship that are constantly evolving. To define and measure sibling relationships, to analyze them as a resource through the association of collective strategies and individual trajectories, to live and represent brother and sisterhood: these are the paths followed by the authors who have been careful not to forget sisters. Thanks to the variety of the studies assembled here, writing the history of fraternal relations offers the opportunity to renew approaches to the evolution of both kinship and family relations.

One of the great Yiddish scholars of the twentieth century, S. Birnbaum — published Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar in towards the end of a long and prolific career.