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Xiamen Zhihuang Stone Co. Origin: Italy. Stone Action LLC. Origin: Angola. Matrix Granite Leathered Slabs. Langschwager Natursteine. Honed granite, on the other hand, stops the sandblasting process short of attaining that highly polished gleam that we have come to expect from the stone. Offering a more casual, natural look, honed granite can still fail to wow visiting friends and family because the process tends to wash out the natural color of the stone.

Stone trends: polished, honed or leathered finish? | Pacific Shore Stones

Not long ago your options would have stopped there honed and polished being the most common ways to treat granite but a new and exciting trend has flipped the script when it comes to how you finish your granite. Leathering has become the new, most interesting and, frankly, unique way to finish your perspective countertop.

The process takes that boring old granite chunk and turns it into a living, breathing slab of contoured and beautifully colored igneous rock. In this article we will explore this process, as well as leathered granite countertop pros and cons , and the best way to care for and maintain you leathered granite countertops. Leathering granite is an intense and difficult process that is best left to professionals. This strips away imperfections and polishes the stone while leaving the natural contours and grooves intact.

After the desired texture is achieved the granite will be sealed usually and ready to install. It should be remembered that leathered granite does have both pros and cons due to its unique design and textural surface. When deciding which way you want to finish your granite countertop, conventional thinking will have you choosing between honed and polished. Polished granite will have a high sheen that can often provide a pleasant contrast to the wooden cabinets often found in kitchens.


Honed granite will always be smooth and matte, providing its own contrasting beauty when installed in tandem with metal fixtures and hardware. Both of these finishes can be beautiful and elegant in their own right and deserve due consideration.

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However, the growing trend of using leathered granite for all your countertop needs cannot be ignored. Combining both a tactile and textural appeal, with a natural beauty that cannot be ignored, leathered granite countertops are the hot new fashion in town. Unique and Rustic Style: Perfect for use in historic homes, leathered granite has an immediate rustic appeal due to its rough texture and slightly dulled hue. Often seen on exterior countertops and vanities, this type of finish can bring a unique and seemingly traditional look to a usually standard type of countertop.

While polishing can bring a high gloss and sheen to a stone giving granite an ethereal quality , leathering goes for a more natural look. As if it were quarried that day from the side of a mountain, leathered granite adds a natural charm to what would be an otherwise overlooked surface. Coming in a variety of tones and textures, the choice available with leathered granite is off the charts. Wonderful Texture: One of the best parts about leathered granite is the way it feels. Depending on how far you go with the finish, leathering can achieve a super texturized to almost perfectly smooth feel.

This customization is not found in any other type of finish and depends heavily on the your desired and the perceived natural texture of the cut stone. Granite can have some wonderful natural texture to it that will be lost in the overzealous sandblasting of traditional finishes. To the touch, a leathered finish will feel like a living, breathing entity. Natural Color: Often used on darker types of granite, leathering has a tendency to bring out the natural colors of the stone while staying a few steps away from the high sheen achieved in the polishing process.

A happy medium between honed and polished, leathering dismisses the washed out or overly shiny conventions in favor of showing off the all too often disregarded color of the granite itself. Whether your dream granite countertop is colored true black, kashmir or green ocean, leathering will make it pop.

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Where honing has a tendency to dull the natural hue of a stone and polishing misconstrues sheen for shade, leathering allows the color of your stone to become the true star of the kitchen, bath, or outdoor area. Hard to Stain: Leathering granite is known to tighten the natural pores of the stone and thus mitigate damage done through spillage. Stains, the great enemy of all countertops, will not be able to coalesce as well as they would in a polished or honed surface due to this phenomenon. Fingerprints and water spots too, are lost on the hardy surface of leathered granite—a huge bonus for any homeowner that hates wiping down their countertops after even mild use.

The biggest and most often overlooked factor, bacterial resistance, is much higher than it would be for a honed or polished countertop. This is once again due to the tighter pores of the stone, achieved through keeping intact the natural contour and solidity of the granite. Though leathered granite tops have a lot of pros, there are some cons to this particular finish. The fact is that stone countertops, no matter what finish or type, will require some maintenance and have downsides.

The care and maintenance of leathered granite will be outlined further down in this article, but here are the cons to using this type of finish and how best to mitigate the potential to damage your expensive and classy countertops. Easier to Scratch: The fact of the matter is all the grooves and imperfections that make leathering such a cool and unique style of finish have the often-unforeseen potential to be chipped and cracked if they are accidentally met with a sharp or hard item.

This can damage your leathered granite and make for a chalky, stone dusted surface. The best way to mitigate this is to make sure your supplier and installer seal your granite surface with a powerful sealant. The natural contours and grooves of your leathered granite are the reason you chose this finish in the first place and it is a terrible thing to see those beautiful features become a hindrance.

If your leathered granite is showing signs of wear and tear, consult with a professional as soon as possible.