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He was starting to be known as the singer of intellect. During the beginning of the seventies, he married his long-time fan Pemala at the age of thirty-one. After their marriage his residence shifted for some time to Pokhara and later for some time to Hetauda. In Pokhara, he became acquainted with the poet Bhupi Sherchan , while in Hetauda he became acquainted with fellow songwriter and composer Bhim Birag. He had entered Naach Ghar as a mere instrumentalist, but he slowly rose to the post of a hakim rector.

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At this stage of his life, he found himself confronting a new generation of Nepali youths. Among the young musical talents of that time, his partnership with Dibya Khaling took off; and he started lending his voice to Khalings compositions, thus initiating another phase of his singing career. In his late stage of career, he lent his considerable prestige to launch the career of many upcoming musicians. As such, he was willing to compromise his artistry and sing weak songs by new composers and songwriters. He also sang in film songs.

In total his career spanned twenty-eight years, during which he sang in eighteen movies and recorded more than one hundred and fifty-seven songs. Gopal was urged by friends to quit smoking and drinking in the interests of his health. He quit drinking a few months before he died, but was unable to quit cigarettes.

Narayan Gopal died from complications of diabetes on December 5, 19 Mangsir, B. He had no children. After the death of Gopal there a number of music festivals were created that were dedicated to Gopal.

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To honour the king of Nepalese music there have been an anniversary of "Death anniversary of Narayan Gopal" which is celebrated every year. Narayan Gopal used to drink a lot, sing with an open heart, and made us laugh. This statue constantly looks in a direction. Doesn't sing, There is no value of this statue of Narayan Gopal. To Narayan Gopal, the most important part in the art of modern songs were: melody, lyrics, and the singer.

This did not rule out other aspects, however.

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Chords, he said, are required to put life in the music, but the chord progression is part of the arrangement, not something to base the composition of the melody on. When the melody is composed, the arranger will make the progression from the melody.

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Without a good arrangement, Narayan Gopal said, a song will be like a vegetable dish without salt or other spices. The aspects of this recipe at work included non repetitive melodies moving over the accompaniment in short, repeated rhythmic figures; heterophony, countermelodies, chords, and harmonic progressions; one melody for refrain, another for the verse, and then—as part of the arrangement—melodies for the instrumental interludes marking off the sung sections.

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A hilarious bouquet of Gopal's timeless anecdotes are presented in this book which really are eye openers - imparting new thoughts, new dreams, new solutions, new ideas, new wordplay, newer takes on humour, parodies, satire and a window to a whole new world of imagination and basic wisdom. The reader might ask himself, 'What makes the book a compelling read? The book offers tales of wise men and their battles of wit during the medieval royal Bengal; stories of knotty problems with ingenious solutions and mind fertilizing anecdotes which not only inform, advise, enthuse, inspire and amuse but impart specific and terse wise lessons appropriate to the issues at point to 'Manage the Problems' neatly.

In one story, Gopal was walking down the road with the Zamindaar landlord.

The arrogant Zamindaar said, "I am the Ruler of this great big earth. Everybody should fear me. The author has taken great care to narrate the anecdotes in the most descriptive manner focusing on wise lessons at the end of each account laced with equally fascinating illustrations. The presentation of the book is unique as it can be read from any chapter, but still it will stimulate the reader - like a pealed banana, which can be eaten from any side, thus enjoying its sweetness. It's a fascinating assortment of entertaining anecdotal short stories guaranteed to leave the reader in stitches.

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