Shark Fear, Shark Awareness Vol. 2

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In a joint statement, the group which started the Sabah Shark and Ray Initiative said education and awareness over the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystems was needed to ensure shark populations were protected against unsustainable fishing. This means the international trade of the species will be subject to regulation, offering better protection against over-exploitation. Such developments would give Malaysia a good opportunity to consider developing effective ways to reduce mortality of CITES-listed species in its fisheries, rather than just regulating exports, they said.

Then they eat everything around them, leaving little for other species, and the cycle continues down the food chain.

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Salmon, Shrimp and Scallops and what about those cute dolphins and whales that we love to see? When you go on vacation to go snorkeling, what will you see?

History of Chemical Shark Repellents

Not much anymore. So, what do we really want? Do we prefer good food, healthy marine animal life and a healthy ocean or delicacies, social status for some and more money? Arch Sci 2: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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The Case for Sharks

According to their data, October through November — when sharks are feeding on seals along the coast — are the most likely times for attacks to occur. The authors noted that beachgoers and water enthusiasts face many greater perils than a shark attack. Hospitalizations from drowning and scuba-related decompression sickness occur at much higher rates than those from shark bites.

Making these types of informed choices would be far more effective at increasing public safety than culling, the research finds.

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In Australia, officials have tried to reduce public risk by killing white sharks in a large culling program — a tragic and uninformed approach. In fact, culling sharks is ineffective. Though culls are meant to target white sharks, other shark species are often killed as well.

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  4. Because of the importance of all shark species to maintaining the balance of the food web, culls can dramatically disrupt the ecosystem. Francesco says the money could be more wisely used to promote research and awareness of sharks, and to come up with more effective solutions to keep people from encountering sharks.

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    Marine mammals, especially elephant seals, tend to congregate on island beaches far away from those used by people. Feretti, F.

    Chapple, T. Clash of the titans: white sharks vs. A new study illustrates what happens when orcas and white sharks encounter each other in the wild.


    Like this: Like Loading White sharks tagged along the California coast guided researchers to the offshore waters where they spend half the year.