Storms (The Garland Series)

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For the last four years I would cross the parking lot to the trail head at the Visitors Center by walking across the dry Carmel River bed.

Hail & Storm Damage

Not today! Hallelujah - the temporary footbridge has been removed for the winter - Carmel River is flowing. This may also have had something to do with the removal of the San Clemente Dam last year. But whatever the cause the muddy water was a beautiful sight.

There are a number of sets of stairs cut into the side of the hill and a few areas where the path narrows to about 2 feet with a drop off into the canyon below. So keep that in mind when setting out on this hike.

EPIC THUNDER & RAIN - Rainstorm Sounds For Relaxing, Focus or Sleep - White Noise 10 Hours

March is still early in the wildflower season so spotting new flowers takes a keen eye in the low meadow area. They just aren't as showy as the Lupine. I turned right heading toward the hills following the Lupine Loop.

Your Videos: Dallas Tornado Illuminated by Lightning

I did manage to spot a patch of Fiesta Flowers. At this part of the hike, the path narrows, you are starting to make your climb to the waterfall.

Hail & Storm Damage

The producers searched for a perfect town to fit the film, which included a lot of driving scenes. Peterson added the heart of Garland was great for filming for important parts of the movie. We had to venture a little outside of town and we found Garland; it just had the right look.

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The feel, the farms and even the town center. Black and Peterson also shot scenes in Sampson County, a few miles away from Garland for field and countryside scenes. The project was created three years ago by Peterson and Black. After winning, they receiving additional funding and moved forward with the production, casting and filming, which started in August.


The award came with Jay and Mark Duplass as executive producers. It will take about a year for the film to be edited.

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  5. During fall , Drought will be sent to multiple festivals, with hopes of distribution to show the story featuring parts of Garland. Reach Chase Jordan at Follow us on Twitter at SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.