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Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can get involved. This guidance, advice and direction will ensure students are well placed to understand social issues and develop their ideas into viable business plans.

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Meet the people involved. In , students from 14 universities participated in The Big Idea, submitting more than business plans for consideration. The Bugisu Project is zero waste, delivering coffee in reusable canisters and recycling used coffee grounds.

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The enterprise makes pressed flower candles and soaps targeted the the wedding favours and decorations market. Universities are invited to register their interest for The Big Idea.

You will get the chance to meet our social enterprise experts, hear from guest speakers and get an insight into the delivery style and format of the competition. You can also visit the About page to find out more on this groundbreaking initiative and how your students can get involved.

The big idea: clients' perspectives of change processes in cognitive therapy.

Why are some nations richer than others? Humans are conscious, but is consciousness also in tables and chairs? How can we reduce murder rates?

What is the cause of famine? Do black women face more prejudice than black men or white women?

Wearing the Hair of Your Ancestors

Inequality makes people anxious. Are we all racist? Mahzarin Banaji puts this to the test with Implicit Association Test. Are we living through a crisis in trust? Home Episodes Podcast. Main content. The Big Idea Episodes Available now.

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