Understanding Money and Wealth in the Kingdom of God

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This is a very explicit warning about wealth that must be heeded. It can actually be destructive to our character.

Whether we are rich or poor, our entrance into the Kingdom depends on our building personal, godly character. A wealthy person can develop godly character, but there are many pitfalls in his or her path.

5 Ways God Uses Wealth To Advance His Kingdom

Wealthy people who are totally entrenched in this physical life, caring only about themselves and their possessions and wealth, are not headed to the Kingdom! If wealthy people are growing closer to God and using their wealth for godly purposes, they are headed to the Kingdom! Wealth can be either a deceptive snare or a tool to provide for ourselves and help others.

It can be an idol or it can be a blessing to be enjoyed and shared. Create an Account.

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He is concerned for you; that is why He has made this law regulating your income. Consider it: God allows you to work on His Earth, to use its resources, its forces and energies—to use what others have extracted from this planet, in manufacturing, distributing, selling, buying, investing. Whatever your occupation or profession, you are actually working in partnership with God!

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When we stop and analyze this, we are forced to admit that God truly supplies about 90 percent of everything we make or produce—and our own thinking, planning and working supplies, at best, only about 10 percent. Nor does He claim 50 percent, or even 30 percent or 20 percent.

Courts of Heaven and The Mysteries of the Wealth Transfer - Curt Landry Ministries

God is exceptionally generous. He has reserved for His use only 10 percent of your income. Our nine tenths actually does not belong to us until we have paid God His tenth. Although the Creator God has unlimited resources, He has always conducted His Work among and through human beings.

Teachings of Brigham Young

Long ago, even during the time of Abraham, God used the tithing system to underwrite His Work. This Work is funded and supported by a growing number of co-workers who believe in the cause and gladly give of their incomes to support it. Each week, our headquarters office in Edmond, Oklahoma, receives letters, e-mails and telephone calls from our co-workers telling us how they have been blessed for supporting this Work. Have you ever wondered why so many are experiencing financial difficulties nowadays, even in this economically advanced age?

Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? There is a definite cause for every effect. The United States has been the wealthiest nation on Earth for many years.

Tragically, it is starting to slip into a second-rate status. The U. Bankruptcy is becoming an even greater scourge to this nation. Personal and collective debt is at an all-time high, and financial troubles are wrecking families.

If you are suffering from a lack of abundance or blessings, how can you turn things around and begin to prosper in these increasingly difficult times? The Bible gives us the answer. Why not put God to that test? This type of thinking is deadly.

Do you realize that if you have not been honest in your tithing that you have been stealing from God? You have no right to it! But stealing from the God who gives you your breath of life, the food you eat, the clothes you wear— that is far worse in His eyes!

It is sure to bring financial blessings. More importantly, though, it is guaranteed to yield tremendous spiritual dividends! That, too, is a law. Seek God first, and He will see that your needs are met—even in hard times. Seek His Kingdom with all your heart, and your financial troubles will begin to melt away; your life will become happy, full with assurance of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Yes, tithing is a law that produces manifold blessings. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Notice this beautiful cycle! See how the principle also applies to tithing: God gives to us—and we give back to Him on a return circuit that which is rightfully His—and He gives us more!

There is no way we can ever out-give God. When we honor God with our substance, our own material needs—and even many of our wants and desires—will be supplied. In addition, God will shower tremendous spiritual blessings upon us.