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Steven R. Ella Mills. Sandor Ellix Katz.

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Jason Vale. James Dinicolantonio. Casein is another very small protein, one found in all animal milk.

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Because these proteins are so small, they are able to travel through inflamed intestinal walls into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, they are suspected of wreaking havoc on the central nervous system. Unlike in celiac disease, where the removal of gluten from the diet always leads to a lessening of symptoms, not all Autism Spectrum Disorder children respond to a gluten-free, casein-free diet.

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However, enough do to merit giving it a try, and Meagan wasted no time. He started laughing! He began responding to his name; he started playing with his toys. But, because I was breast-feeding him, I had to go gluten- and casein-free, too. These proteins are so small they are carried in breast milk. And the more I talked to other parents about Sander, it seemed no one knew where to get good gluten-free food. So, we switched our business to gluten- and casein-free only, and here we are.

The McGovern sisters changed their business model to offer what parents of ASD children need most: a home-delivery service. Many mothers of ASD children are so exhausted and sleep-deprived that asking them to learn how to cook gluten- and casein-free food is close to asking the impossible. Functioning like personal chefs, Katie and Meagan take the pressure off.

Two strange and inspiring stories of the healing power of food – or how terribly it can hurt us

They cook a week's worth of tasty, satisfying meals and deliver them on Fridays. We also sell a lot of cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes, and bread. Baked goods are very hard to make without gluten, and no child wants to go without treats they see the other kids having. It is one thing to say your gluten- and casein-free baked goods are fantastic, and it is another to prove it. After sampling several of the McGovern sisters' muffins, cookies, and cupcakes, I have to proclaim that these women are geniuses. I cannot say this emphatically enough. Their baked goods are completely and totally indistinguishable from regular, fancy-bakery products.

Most gluten-free baked goods simply never have a normal texture or mouthfeel; and if they have a decent texture, they have no flavor. The sisters' website, www. It's made to order. Peoples Pharmacy at and are so excited about what we are offering that they have bought a freezer unit solely to enable them to carry our products. Peoples Pharmacy in Westlake is planning to do the same.

You can tell us, 'I can't have gluten or dairy or potatoes or mushrooms or pineapple. What can I have? They are so happy and so grateful. I mean, we are already halfway there. We are willing to work with whatever dietary needs a client has. For those who can't afford to order meals premade, the McGoverns offer cooking classes about once a month. We show them how to make pizza, chicken fingers, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and 'glorious morning' muffins. A lot of these people have been gluten-free for five or six years, but learning a whole new way of cooking has them stumped.

For more information about McGovern's Organics, go to www. Another has been adhering to the healing foods diet and has experienced a profound improvement in her psoriasis. For the motivated patient, the healing foods diet can provide a safe and effective alternative to pharmacologic therapy. Other books make the prospect of an anti-inflammatory diet seem very daunting, expensive and inflexible Earls uncovered a significant link between diet and autoimmune disease.

Using this knowledge, she set out to create a dietary approach that relies on natural healing rather than powerful, often dangerous, and always prohibitively expensive medications. The result is a profoundly useful and well-written book, Your Healing Diet. I am a very busy workaholic, and was glad to have a guide that made it very easy for someone with a hectic lifestyle to implement